The 3 Most Common Types of Automotive Collision Damage

Northridge’s Knowledgeable Body Damage Experts

Whether it’s from a severe storm or automotive accident, having your vehicle’s integrity compromised by collision damage is a stressful experience. However, it’s crucial to deeply understand why types of damage your car suffered to know the proper ways to proceed.

The collision repair technicians at Northridge Bodyworks in Northridge, California, are here to help. Here are the three most common types of automotive collision damage we see in our shop.

Weather-Related Collision Damage

Mother Nature can be your car’s worst enemy. Weather damage can impact your ride in a number of different ways, including:

  • Causing paint to fade from UV ray exposure
  • Body damage from large hail balls or fallen tree branches
  • Dried, cracked tires from scorching hot temperatures

In order to keep your car protected from the outside elements, try parking it in a garage or carport. We also recommend investing in paint protection film (PPF) to preserve your car’s paint.

Auto Accidents

No matter who’s to blame, being involved in a car crash is never fun. An auto accident can damage your vehicle in many ways, such as putting a dent in your bumper or deeply scratching your door.

If you were in an auto crash, always exchange information with the other driver and report the incident to your insurance company right away.

Failure to Maintain the Car

If you fail to stay on top of your vehicle’s routine maintenance schedule, it could lead to costly damages. Under-inflated or worn-out tires could suffer a blowout, resulting in an accident. If your brakes fail to function efficiently, you’ll have trouble slowing down and stopping. To stay safe and avoid collision damages, always keep your car properly maintained.

Northridge’s Collision Repair Experts

No matter what type of collision damage your car experienced, we can help. With over 20 years of experience, the collision repair technicians at Northridge Bodyworks in Northridge, California, have been providing high-quality auto repair services to the drivers of our community.

To learn how we can help repair your vehicle’s unsightly damage, call us today at (818) 349-0000. We look forward to hearing from you!

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