ADAS Calibration in Northridge, CA

Four Letters, Five Senses, One Important Service

What is ADAS?

If you drive a modern car, you may have one or more elements of an Advanced Driver Assistance System(s) or ADAS. Most motor vehicle crashes result from human error. While ADAS cannot replace the human brain and good judgment, it can augment the five senses by paying attention even when your focus has drifted. The role of the system is two-fold–to detect danger, alert you to it, and engage safety features that help you avoid danger. For your system’s features to function properly, they must remain in proper calibration. This adjustment can shift if your vehicle is involved in a collision, gets a body modification, receives a replacement windshield, etc. However, you can count on the professionals at Northridge Bodyworks for ADAS calibration that will optimize the effectiveness of your safety equipment. You’ll find us nearby at 8601 Reseda Blvd Unit A, Northridge, CA 91324. That’s conveniently located near many other stores and services you likely frequent anyway, so there’s no need to drive into the heart of Los Angeles or return to the dealership for ADAS calibration. Walk-ins are welcome during our business hours of Monday through Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm. You can also schedule an appointment online or by calling us at (818) 349-0000.

One Term, Many Potential Functions

ADAS is used collectively as a single term. However, it refers to multiple possible safety alerts and correction features. For example, your automobile may be able to detect people or objects ahead of you even when you haven’t yet spotted them. Early detection and the absence of your responsive action can allow your ADAS-equipped vehicle to brake for you. Also, sensors relaying information can alert your car if you’re unintentionally drifting out of your lane and/or falling asleep at the wheel. Suppose your transportation equips adaptive cruise control. In that case, you can enjoy the benefits of a set desired speed and the comfort and safety of a minimum safe distance between your car and the vehicle ahead. Automated features can even relieve the stress of parking your automobile in a tight spot. Your auto has cameras and sensors in strategic locations to make these and other options functional, such as windshields, bumpers, and mirrors. These components may need replacing, adjusting, and/or calibrating to maintain accuracy.

Fast, Reliable ADAS Calibration Near You

Since we opened in 2001, we’ve taken great care to provide exceptional customer service for our clients. Your safety is important to us, so we’ve trained and garnered the experience necessary to become experts in ADAS calibration. We offer quick turnaround times, often same-day service. Even so, we offer conveniences such as before- and after-hours drop-off and pick-up, local shuttle service, and electronic status updates via text or email so that you can monitor progress related to your automobile. If body repair and paint are a part of the repairs to your car, we guarantee them a lifetime warranty. To ensure that you’re as safe and stress-free as possible, rely on the technicians and team at Northridge Bodyworks.